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Information on Milford Sound Fiordland and Southland New Zealand

Hi I'm Alistair and this site is about  Fiordland, Southland and Otago. The southern region of New Zealand. Fiordland National Park is a place I came to in 1974 and it caught me. I was very lucky it did as it changed my life in so many ways. I'll tell you more about that later.

Fiordland and Southland are special and maybe that is why you have got this far and are reading this.

You're a local or you're a visitor?

Then this site is for you. We'll talk about stuff, here and around Fiordland and Southland. What is happening in your region. Travel in and around Fiordland and Southland. Walking, diving kayaking or flying.  What's good, what's bad, any general news happening around the area.
If you have an opinion contact me and I will add your comments to this site. Lets get something going.

You're from overseas?

Is Fiordland or Southland, New Zealand your Travel Destination?

Then this is also for you. Maybe you are just interested or perhaps you are planning to travel to Fiordland National Park and the southern region [if your're not then you should be, there is so much to see and do in Fiordland and Southland].

If you are planning to travel to Milford Sound or anywhere in this southern region and would like to know the best way to go about it, then ask me, ask me anything. I'm a "local" and there's a good chance I can help you and if I not I'll find out, it's free advice. You can ask me anything, just use the contact page or email me at info@fiordlandlocalnz.com

Ata Whenua

Shadow Land

See the movie. To see the trailer click here.

Latest Articles

Ata Whenua Shadow Land a cinematic experience of Fiordland

When I heard that Kim Hollows had made a film about Fiordland I wasn’t surprised. I also wasn’t all that surprised when I heard that Kim was building a cinema in Te Anau to view this film. I was however surprised when I heard the cinema was being built to show one film, a film that didn’t even have words, well, I thought ‘well’. This is a short movie, just 32 minutes long but it is not just a film its an experience and in my opinion one that you shouldn't miss. This is a Fiordland 'must do'

A day in Dusky Sound

These brief mentions of a few complex stories do little more scratch the surface of Dusky Sounds history. With it, and Fiordland as a whole, people do not realise the understated and diverse history that taken place. Isolated in beautiful grandeur, extremes of climate and terrain, the landscape resonates with all those gone before. The highs and lows, redemptions found and lives lost. Dusky, with an island for every day of the year has it all under a timeless sky, sea and landscape.

Wintertime on the Milford Road

Winter driving on the Milford Road Milford Sound, midwinter. Why would you go to Milford Sound in the middle of winter? Well it’s a bit of an adventure, it’s stunning and it’s my favorite time in Milford.

The track to Lake Marian

Driving to or from Milford Sound there is a very special excursion available for those who would like a taste of a real Fiordland bush environment, even if you have a limited time frame or are not a tramper. The Lake Marian Track and/or the Marian Rapids. Scroll down for images.

Summer on the Milford Sound Road

But the real flower show is in the alpine areas on the eastern and western sides of the Milford Tunnel. These plants are exposed to the most intense weather situations that New Zealand has to offer, from intense heat to sub zero temperatures and winds that would blow your house away. Yet with all this, these most delicate of plants live, blossom, and flourish. Scroll down for images.

Springtime on the Milford Sound Road

This is one of four articles on the seasonal changes on the Milford Road. Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring all create changes in the environment, and its flora and fauna.Things to see and places to stop. This is the first in the series. Scroll down for images.

Good feedback, a great way to start the day.

thank you for the advice you gave me last year when I was planning our trip to Milford and Te Anau!

Fiordland Lodge luxury accommodation

Tucked away from view on the Road to Milford Sound, on an elevated terrace over looking the South Fiord of Lake Te Anau and those mountains of Fiordland is one of New Zealand’s Luxury Lodges....

The Catlins, on the Southern Scenic Route

The Catlins by its very nature is an extraordinary area of New Zealand. What is so special about the Catlins?, well going there will answer that question for everyone. And for each it will be in a unique and different way.

Te Anau New Zealand, Gateway to Fiordland

Te Anau, A snapshot of a town on the edge of Lake Te Anau, New Zealand. By Alistair Child